Jonny Enoch On Fade To Black

October 22nd, 2019


Occultism and Secret Societies


Jonny Enoch On Fade To Black October 22nd
Tonight, we are going full-on Halloween with Jonny Enoch... from it's history to possible connections with secret societies around the world.

Jonny is a clinical hypnotherapist, lecturer, and writer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Not only has he been researching extraterrestrial phenomena and esoteric subjects for over 20 years, but after witnessing a series of un-explainable events while growing up, his search for answers has led him on adventures all over the world. This includes interviewing ET contactees, whistleblowers, and UFO witnesses.

His cutting-edge investigation reveals an intelligent blueprint found within our ancient religions and symbolism while exploring quantum physics, the multiverse, and ET contactee testimonials. His work demonstrates that we have been visited by advanced civilizations all throughout human history and that we are a hybrid species. In his numerous travels to megalithic sites, he has discovered evidence for giants, advanced machining, ancient cataclysms, and more.


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