Marshall Vian Summers On Fade To Black

December 20th 2017

The Allies Of Humanity


Marshall Vian Summers On Fade To Black December 20th
Marshall Summers been immersed in a religious experience for the past 35 years. This has resulted in his receiving a vast body of writings about the nature of human spirituality and humanity’s destiny within a larger panorama of intelligent life in the Universe. These writings, encompassed in the Teaching in The New Message, contain a theological framework that accounts for life and the presence of God in the “Greater Community,” the vast expanse of space and time that we know to be our Universe.

The cosmology that he has been receiving contains many messages, one of which is that humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life and for this we must prepare. Inherent in this message is the understanding that humanity is not alone in the Universe or even alone within our own world. And that within this Greater Community, humanity will have friends, competitors and adversaries.

Tonight we'll be talking about alien contact, climate change, and much more.


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