Randy Veitenheimer On Fade To Black

December 10th, 2019


Special Guest


Randy Veitenheimer On Fade To Black December 10th
Randy Veitenheimer is an energy healer. As a member of the Pottawatomie tribe from Tecumseh, Oklahoma, he learned at a young age the power of plants and vibration in the healing process. At around the age of 19 he began his in-depth studies of martial arts which led to other forms of energy transfer and healing practices from world-renowned masters and teachers. Today Randy uniquely combines the study of quantum physics, Native American medicine ways, Chinese energetic medicine, ayurvedic medicine, yoga and martial arts as part of his healing style.

Randy is the host of Quantum Effect on Gaia TV.

Tonight, we'll discuss energetic medicine, human consciousness, reality (duality), remote viewing, his forthcoming book on Disclosure, and future physics and space.

Website: https://energydoktor.com/

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