Sean Stone On Fade To Black

January 30th 2017

The Hawk Watcher

Sean Stone On Fade To Black January 30th
Sean Stone, actor, film director, producer, cinematographer and screenwriter, began his career by acting in his father Oliver Stone’s movies, such as Wall Street, The Doors, JFK, Natural Born Killers, and Savages, just to name a few. He has since starred in and directed his first feature, Greystone Park, based on his experiences with shadowmen, demons, and ghosts in abandoned mental hospitals along the eastern seaboard. In 2012, Stone joined the team of investigators for the TruTV hit, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, before becoming the host of Buzzsaw.

Tonight we are going to disuss his new series on Gaia, his new book...and of course his take on the craziness of the world today. Sean Style.


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