Timothy Earl On Fade To Black July 18th

Timothy Earl On Fade To Black

July 18th 2016

Flatlands Investigations

Timothy SM
Most call Timothy Earl a Demonologist… but the Order of Exorcists call him a Lead Exorcist Investigator. Working with his team of paranormal investigators that include a demonologist, psychic mediums, and ordained ministers, Flatland Investigations is dispatched to suspected demonic activity. The first to respond… it is his job to both validate it is demonic and to expose the demon to provide evidence for an exorcism.

If demonic deliverance is required, they submit the case to the the Order of Exorcists who will then dispatch a trained priest or bishop.

Flatland Investigations also helps with standard haunts, ghosts, human spirits, monsters of any sorts. They also help validate hauntings for the curious.

Website: http://www.flatlandinvestigations.com

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  1. 18th July 2016 | Archbishop Ron Feyl says:
    Hello Jimmy Church, Timothy Earl, SOSM is one of our best "lead exorcist investigators" and I'm very happy to see him on your show. Timothy is trained in our process of demonic investigation and case assessment. He should be a great guest. Our members in the Order of Exorcists will be listening. Have a great show. Archbishop Ron Feyl, SOSM
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