Tracey Ash On Fade To Black December 17th

Tracey Ash On Fade To Black

December 17th 2018


Special Guest


Tracey Ash On Fade To Black December 17th
Tracey Ash is a researcher on energy orbs, inter-dimensional communication, earth power sites, unique ‘how to’ super-energy and a super-transformation expert, teacher of groundbreaking consciousness potential and awareness.

A World-class transformation catalyst, business and life purpose visionary. Tracey’s limitless energy and pioneering ‘know how’ knowledge ignites passion, purpose and action in people’s lives and worlds.

She is an ancient wisdom traditions initiate and 21st-century alchemist. As Director of Psychic School and Life Vision School (UK & Japan), New Consciousness Network (a non-profit global community project), Conscious Retreats (Egypt & Europe) and speaker.

TV and Media includes: The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Kindred Spirit, C4 Cutting Edge, The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror, Star People (Natural Spirit Japan), PSI Journal Japan and Radio 4.

Tracey’s work attracts visionaries of change – individuals who are committed to superb self-work and positive contribution.


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