By Jimmy Church for GCN | Fade To Black |

Recently an image of a triangle UFO appeared on FB and I contacted the person who posted the pic.

We engaged in a conversation through messaging and I asked for more information...the image was amazing: a clear shot (see images labled '2015') of a black triangle craft caught just below some clouds during daytime.

The poster of the FB image said that a pilot took the pic on the morning of July 6, 2015 east of Albany, NY near Slingerlands...and that there were eleven (11) witnesses to the event...but the pilot didn't want to go public because of his job.  Understood.  I pressed for more info: what size? altitude? what time? exactly where??? would the pilot contact me???

The 'pilot' said he wanted to stay quiet.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

With a little research...using Google to find similar images and dating we found the same exact image published in 2011 (see '2011' images) that also had an additional image that wasn't posted to FB in 2015...with a story attached that went something like "I was in a Wal Mart parking lot, when..."

Now, the point of all this is that the 2011 images may be genuine and the original claim of Wal Mart may be true...we were not part of that research...but the 2015 'pilot' event certainly is not. It's a hoax...and not cool.

Why would someone grab an image from the it on their phone...send it to a friend and say: "look what I took this morning!!!"???  Why???  Things have a way of getting out of

The person who posted to FB wasn't part of this...he was just sent the image with a story attached to it from a friend his who got the image from the 'pilot'...he contacted the pilot directly and passed that along to at FADE to BLACK we were dangerously close to running with this story and releasing it as well as covering it on the show...when a simple Google search uncovered everything and the story is now dead in it's tracks.

Ufology and it's researchers are a very small community and every day that community is confronted with amazing stories and claims...and they all must be checked out, vetted and slip and it's another black eye for us all...I am not a 'researcher'...I'm the host of a show, I speak at conferences and I appear on network TV...and yes I would like to break the next 'big thing'...we all want that...but the next time I see an image with big claims I'll remember the image from Slingerlands, NY.

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