Breaking News – UFO’s Over Vegas – Video Exclusive

Breaking News – UFO’s Over Vegas – Video Exclusive


UFO's Over Vegas

Video Exclusive

Breaking News - UFO's Over Vegas - Video Exclusive
Last night on December 11th, 2019, Steve Barone captured what may be the most amazing UFO footage ever, and it was captured over Las Vegas, Nevada.Tonight, the full 40 minute video and additional still images (shot with TWO cameras) will be premiered exclusively during this FADE to BLACK special broadcast and Steve will be with here to tell us all about it and take your phone calls!Tonight at 7pm PST LIVE

Fader Night

December 12th 2019

Breaking News - UFO's Over Vegas - Video Exclusive


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It’s Greenewald, Not TTSA, Who Broke The Biggest UFO Story Of The Year

It’s Greenewald, Not TTSA, Who Broke The Biggest UFO Story Of The Year

It's Greenewald, Not TTSA, Who Broke The Biggest UFO Story Of The Year

image courtesy of TTSA and Kari Lindsay

Last week on September 10th and 11th, John Greenewald of The Black Vault broke two of the biggest UFO news stories in history.

After reading both and speaking to John, we decided to immediately break the stories on Coast to Coast AM, which we did on Saturday, September 14, 2019.

On Monday, September 16 and thru to today, all hell has broken loose and EVERY mainstream media network around the world has carried the news that Greenewald released last week... with each and every one giving him the credit that he deserves.

All except one... TTSA, The To The Stars Academy run by Tom DeLonge.

John Greenewald, with many others, including myself, have been looking into TTSA over the last year and a half and their many mistakes, inconsistencies, and questionable statements and asked them directly for some answers.

TTSA, to this very day, has answered none of the questions presented to them.

I personally sent Tom DeLonge a list of 10 questions (at a time when our communication was solid) and copied everyone at TTSA... and the responses I got (four) went something like THIS: "Jimmy, chill out, don't poke around, we got this... your questions are not as important as what we know... this is top secret stuff and you need to back off..." all the way to "Jimmy, please refer all of your questions to our PR team."

John Greenewald has gotten the same treatment.

So, what does one do when you don't get answers???

You do whatever you can and you never let up... THAT's what you do... and Greenewald utilized every source in his disposal... the FOIA, the Pentagon and specifically, the US Navy.
The results Greenewald and The Black Vault have gotten have been well documented on his site and on FADE to BLACK over the last year. His reporting on the history of AATIP, Luis Elizondo and the inner-workings of TTSA have all been spot on, direct and to the point... but the story behind it all is far from over.

John Greenewald, The Black Vault, and FADE to BLACK have gotten more than our fair share of public and private attacks over the reporting we have done while trying to get to the truth... and I understand most of it... because there are real emotions involved with our community and the UFO question and our search for answers.

Here is the strange paradox, or irony in all of this: While John Greenewald was doing his true journalism and seeking answers from the Pentagon and US Navy about TTSA and Luis Elizondo, he got the them to admit that the three recent videos (FLIR1, Go Fast and Gimble) all contained UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)... and that all three videos WERE NOT TO BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC.

Yes, John Greenewald scooped TTSA.

He broke the story on what may be the biggest news in the history of Ufology... maybe the world.

Luis Elizondo and TTSA did not.

When you read all of the press out there right now, you can clearly see that it was John Greenewald, and not TTSA or Elizondo who did the work... and you'll also clearly read that Elizondo DID NOT get the Pentagon to release the three videos to the public as TTSA has stated from the beginning back in December of 2017.

Now we have a real problem... did Elizondo mislead both TTSA and the UFO community???
In doing so, has he now stopped any and all future videos and evidence coming from the Pentagon???
Where does this leave TTSA and any credibility that they may have left???

These questions and many more are going to surface and have to be answered.

There is also one very big problem we have to face, which is this:
On one hand, the critics of John Greenewald and FADE to BLACK are very happy about the recent US Navy admitting in public that the UAPs in the three videos are real... and they believe the Navy's statements... cool... on the other hand, those same critics choose to ignore the US Navy's position that the three videos were not to be released to the public... which is in direct conflict with the statements by Luis Elizondo and TTSA.

You see, you can't have it both ways.

Both John and I will continue to search for the truth and we are closer now than ever to the UFO Question.

It's very basic; If Elizondo is who he says he is, with his secret knowledge and influence, or TTSA's amazing list of CIA insiders... why couldn't either one of them get the Navy to state the facts about UAPs in the three videos?

While I totally appreciate the TTSA marketing money and their ability to bring all of this into the public via the media, and it's been a great ride, it was John Greenewald and not TTSA or Elizondo who broke the biggest story of this or any other year.

TTSA and Tom DeLonge have chosen to ignore this fact because of their bitterness towards someone who just wanted answers... all they had to do from the very beginning was be clear, transparent and honest... in doing so, today TTSA would be celebrating the hard work of John Greenewald along with the rest of us... instead, they are not.

Let me be very clear: TTSA and Tom DeLonge are acting like this is their story, their work... and ignoring the due diligence and reporting of Mr. John Greenewald Jr.

UFO Hangar Door Discovered on Top Of Mt. Adams at ECETI Ranch?

UFO Hangar Door Discovered on Top Of Mt. Adams at ECETI Ranch?


[youtube link="" width="560" height="315"]

Press Release:

UFO Hangar Door Discovered on Top Of Mt. Adams at ECETI Ranch?

By: Jimmy Church



An extremely large opening appeared on top of Mt. Adams, Friday, June 30th, 2017 during the early afternoon around 1pm PST.

When we arrived at ECETI Ranch, in Trout Lake, Washington on Thursday, June 29th, we photographed Mt. Adams many times... the mountain dominates the view from the ECETI Ranch and we wanted to capture the moment...and after reviewing our images from Thursday, clearly the 'opening' was not there in any of the frames that were captured on any camera or phone.

The next day (Friday) I was out shooting video and describing the previous night's events...the group at ECETI (including myself) witnessed a large gray orb appear from behind some trees about 400 yards away and I wanted to capture the scene on video.

After I shot the video I walked back to the observation area when John Esch approached me and said that he had found 'something' on the mountain...and he wanted me to take a look...he described it as a 'large door'... and as I looked through his binoculars, I saw exactly what he was describing: A large, rectangular opening was indeed now on top of Mt. Adams.

I immediately looked at my images that I had taken the day before and the opening was NOT there.

We proceeded to watch the face of Mt. Adams until nightfall... and the opening never changed... we wanted to see if it was some type of shadow that might change over time...and it did not.

We photographed it for the next four days...from the early morning until late was always there and did not morph or disappear.

Over the entire weekend we watched lights all around the mountain, in the skies above us, on the mountain itself and through the trees at the base of Mt. Adams.

We also photographed many daylight objects... one craft was shot directly to the left and slightly about the door.

The reports of a 'hangar' door on Mt. Adams have circulated for many years, evading the chance to be caught on camera... but now it has been captured in images by multiple witnesses at the same time over many days in a row.

Is this a hangar door used by ET and their craft? Is this just a natural cave? We don't know...but that is not what is most important...what is important is that it is there and we have something to investigate... and it has been captured with photographs and video and there are over 100 witnesses.

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Has a Top 5 UFO Case Been Solved?

Has A Top 5 UFO Case Been Solved?

Was the Kecksburg UFO
A GE Mark 2 Reentry Vehicle?

By John Ventre and Owen Eichler

On December 9, 1965 at 4:47 pm, something navigated through our airspace and made a semi controlled landing in Kecksburg Pennsylvania. For me, the entire story has been about how it made a left turn near Cleveland and a right turn near Kecksburg and slowed down before minimally “crash” landing in rural Kecksburg and avoiding population centers (like Flight 93). The legend has grown to include one witness who saw a scaly, three fingered hand come out of the top of the UFO, similar to the ending of the 1953 movie “War of the Worlds”, to seeing an alien body on a gurney at Hangar 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force base alongside a cone shaped craft.
I was contacted in February 2015 by Owen Eichler in regards to his theory that the December 9, 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident was potentially a crash and retrieval of a GE Mark 2 reentry vehicle (RV) launched on December 7, 1965. Owen said he has spent ten years researching his theory and believes he is correct. The GE Mark 2 RV has never been mentioned as a possible candidate for Kecksburg. This object was a spy capsule that was kept secret until 1991. I posed a few questions that were significant to the case:

  1. How did the object turn, slow down and perform a controlled landing? Owen said the GE reentry vehicle had four control jets and an internal weighting control system for stability and guidance using the coanda effect to glide. Owen also said this was not a NASA project.
  2. Why would the military show up in such force for a GE reentry vehicle? Owen said it was used for in-space identification of orbiting space craft and may have contained a Radio Isotope Thermal Generator (RTG) that needed to be recovered in order to control and prevent a radiation leak. The first nuclear power generators were used in 1961.
  3. What is the explanation for the writing or symbols on the sides of the object? Owen said it was the result of identification welding on the reentry vehicle because there were numerous launches. The RV was also attached to the Atlas rocket at the base.


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