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Fade To Black is now available on Spreaker!

Jimmy Church Radio & Fade To Black have made a bold move! With the popularity of Fade To Black growing exponentialy, we could no longer be contained. Therefore, we have taken the step of joining the Game Changer Network. GCN is now the official home of Fade To Black and is available on the Spreaker platform. Spreaker has great free apps for your phone, so you won’t miss a second of the show you love.

Links are all provided on www.jimmychurchradio.com we will maintain our regular nightly schedule! Great things are afoot, and you’re all invited along for the ride.

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  1. 26th January 2015 | Les says:
    I just wanted To say Congratualtions to You & Rita Jimmy. It had been a wonderful Year Hanging Out listening to You. As is the name of Your New Network, this is a "Game Changing" step in the right Direction. The Quality Show You bring Us 4 nights a week will Only get better & Better. Especially now that We can truly hear Your voice as it is for the first time on Spreaker! I will Support You in this Momentous Step, as You are bringing Us a better quality product. & have brought Us the Creed we Listen By "Bespoke Radio For the Masses" Thank You & Congratualtions again Jimmy & Rita! "Gen Gen" Les "The Closer"
  2. 26th January 2015 | Robert Noel Jr says:
    Wow Jimmy the audio sounds FANTASTIC !!!!!!! A big congrats !!!!! Thank you for all you & Rita do :) Bob & Bev
  3. 26th January 2015 | MCrider says:
    Game Changer Network!! Wow the Gobekli Tepe players are going to love that! Buckle up - the great ride is only gonna get better! Congrats again! deb
  4. 27th January 2015 | Stan says:
    I listened to Art Bell for 20 years, and have enjoyed John Wells and Steve Croft on Coast to Coast alongside George Noory as well. Listening to Jimmy Church for the last few months it became very clear that a paranormal powerhouse was in the making. The guest's and the hosting has been second to absolutely none.Howard Hughes,Whitley Streiber,Linda Howe,Jamie Havican,Jim Marrs, I have listened to all of their shows..but Fade to Black is my favourite show...I wake up at 3am in London to listen to it live..The same way I would stay up to hear ART BELL on Coast to Coast for DECADES.. Please...if you can...play some LIVING COLOUR..cult of personality...would be nice

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  • Just listened to Emery Smith episode , Wow!! so interesting and exciting. Have also been catching up on David's show on Gaia, the last ones with Emery, and I want to say a big THANK YOU to Emery and all of you for bringing this out. I comsider myself aware and try to be a conscious being, but it can be tough some days to stay positive. This was such a boost, in positive way, for me .... and I'm thinking others as well. It really helps that Emery, David & Jimmy are sll positive folks, but the info disclosed is so amazing!! There has been such a conflict going on the disclosure community for awhile and it was dragging me down, along with the whole to the stars junk, but this really brought back the excitement and curiosity I felt before. Looking forward to more shows and sharing to anyone I can get to listen .... slim pickings some days LOL Worked in the medical field for 30 yrs and love the tidbits dropped about that! Healing wounds, amazing idea and hope we see more of that and many others things soon! One thing I am really hoping for is global think tanks for exactly this kind of stuff, there are many brilliant folks out there with great ideas, but no possibility to discuss or debate ... actually it's been the exact opposite and it's sad to think of what has been lost to time, like the folks who passed on without sharing their knowledge and experiences, as Emery mentioned. So glad you decided not to be like that and speak out. What an wonderful time to be alive and be witnessing all these changes. Keep it coming guys and thanks again. omamu: on Emery Smith On Fade To Black March 19th
  • Same here. What is Ethyeium? Please help. Thanks maxcreel: on Fade To Black Presents OnStellar March 12th
  • Maybe you can explain about going about opening an Ethyrium account because I have no idea how to go about that and am sure I'm not the only FaderNaught that doesn't! abrahamlet: on Fade To Black Presents OnStellar March 12th
  • Onstellar registration SNAFU 1 message Abraham KovlerAK 13 Mar 2018, 22:35 TO [email protected] FOLDER: Sent Dear webmaster, Because of tonight's program, March 13, 2018, I tried to register for Onstellar because Jimmy encouraged us All to strongly, but he failed to tell us that you need an Ethyrium account in order to do so. NOT only that, but say you are born in 1945, like I am, you have to use this EXCEEDINGLY TWIDDLY WHATCHAMACALLIT that forces you to tap once for each month starting with March, then going All the way back, month by month til you get to the previous year and then do that FRACKING TAPPING until the year before that, etcetera etcetera! Gawd, by next year I shall have succeeded to register. Why make this so damn TWIDDLY and hard? I am so disappointed because it sounded like such a promising program for me to create something on!!! Please help! Sincerely, AbraHamlet -- Sent from Yandex.Mail for mobile abrahamlet: on Fade To Black Presents OnStellar March 12th
  • The Marina Jacobi show was absolutely amazing. The F2B guests continue to get better and better. F2B is the best source for information on Assention to 5D. So much gratitude to the entire F2B Team! jerneysangel: on Marina Jacobi On Fade To Black March 7th
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