Official Statement:

Starting Monday January 26, 2015 FADE to BLACK will be on the Game Changer Network and Spreaker. In two weeks we will be on IHeart Radio. The show time remains the same, 7-10pm PST.
We would like to thank Keith Rowland and Art Bell and everyone at Dark Matter Radio Network for an amazing year and we wish them all the success in the future and the return of Art Bell.

Jimmy Church: “The year that we had with Dark Matter Radio was beyond our expectations…we grew together a show, network and most importantly as friends. I want to thank Keith and Art for giving me the opportunity and taking a chance on a show like FADE to BLACK and allowing the team and I to be a part of their network. I am excited about 2015…and I would like to reach out an thank every one of our audience and the Fadernaut family…it’s you that makes FADE to BLACK special.”

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  1. 1st February 2015 | Carol Perault says:
    Jimmy and Rita, I'm so excited for you, down the rabbit hole you have gone, what a journey you will be on, (dont know where U2 get the energy!, must be all the coffee) Thank you for allowing all of us to come along for the ride! Carol Perault
  2. 29th January 2015 | Manfredd says:
    Looking forward to the year to come, as well as the return of Art Bell. Keep up the fantastic work!
  3. 27th January 2015 | ziggy says:
    Please don't hate on me,but is Art Bell really relevant anymore ?Don't misunderstand he was a true trail blazer and I'm extremely grateful for all he has done and accomplished .He has established the nighttime talk radio with wonderful topics that may have never been . Its time far him to be the coach and let the young Turks carry the ball (Jimmy Church etc . Is there any Questions he can ask or opinions he can give that he hasn't already done . This dawned on me last night when a caller ask George Noory why he mentions Arts name at the end of the show every night and how is Art doing,George replied I don't know I haven't heard from him in years !
  4. 27th January 2015 | MG in BC says:
    It was only a matter of time,the best show with the most consistent high level of guests would outgrow DMR especially with Art back soon , explains itself. F2B is going nowhere but up, get the word out. Congrats Jimmy...
  5. 27th January 2015 | easie rider says:
    Jimmy, I am sure you had to do what needed to be done. Just a different click on the mouse as far as it effects me. I will continue listening. Great audio. Best of luck.
  6. 27th January 2015 | steve says:
    why the change?
  7. 26th January 2015 | Spaceboy says:
    You know the level of my support. Look forward to the years to come. Cheers!
  8. 27th January 2015 | Dino says:
    OK, Here we go. Question, If the feed cuts on GCN can one switch over to another feed, like Tune In ? Will the phone line still be connected? TO THE FUTURE AND BEYOND!
  9. 26th January 2015 | Betty Oliver says:
    Jimmy and Rita, with the true spirit of our Fadernaut Family we go where you go.We know that this journey is the beginning to spreading truth across the planet! Standing firmly with you!
  10. 26th January 2015 | Ant in Melbourne says:
    Congrats to all the team at Fade To Black, time for bigger and better shows, this is the start of something even better.
  11. 26th January 2015 | MCrider says:
    Congrats Jimmy & Rita! As Lyn said; we Fadernauts will follow you anywhere. Thanks to DMR for the launch and great year. Those of us here from the beginning, feel like we have helped in our own small way of getting the word out to more and more people, growing the Fade to Black audience. We are family! Hugs! ~ Debbie
  12. 26th January 2015 | Lyn says:
    To Jimmy Rita and everyone who works behind the scenes we the listeners and fadernauts are behind you 110%! We'd follw you anywhere. I think you've grown way out past Arts Shadow and believe you can stand alone. Good luck for the future all!! Love Lyn (Aust)
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