Lorcan O’Toole On Fade To Black July 4th

Lorcan O’Toole On Fade To Black

July 4th 2017

Unity Consciousness: One Love


Lorcan O’Toole is a film-maker, writer, composer, alchemist and musician. His father is the late actor Peter O’Toole and Lorcan also worked as an actor in Hollywood for a spell, in films like: In Time with Justin Timberlake and the television show Sons of Anarchy.

In May 2012, Lorcan began to have a profound spiritual awakening of self-realization and also experienced a series of what some people would describe as ‘supernatural’ experiences, communications, contacts and connections…beyond time and space.

He began to go into trances, unfamiliar breathing patterns and having visions of sacred geometry.

He was guided to see a number of well respected mediums and channelers to find out what was happening to him. They all independently corroborated that he had made a powerful connection to a future incarnation of his own soul and that Lorcan is a channeler and a medium: somebody who has the ability to communicate and connect with beings or energies from different time-frames, different levels of reality and different frequencies. These include what are known as spirit-guides, angels, higher-self consciousness, those that have crossed over to the spirit side and also beings from the other star systems, dimensions and civilizations.

Lorcan’s mission is to bring forth the spirit of unity consciousness and remind beings of their own infinite nature and shatter the illusion of limitation and separation.

Tonight we are going to discuss his path through life…which include the recent events up at ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington.

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Barry Littleton On Fade To Black July 5th

Barry Littleton On Fade To Black

July 5th 2017

Contact: A Frame Of Reference


Barry Littleton was born somewhat awake, & had odd past life memories from the beginning. In childhood he had intense telepathy, & began having odd encounters with different beings that he didn’t understand who, or what they were. Some of these childhood experiences included encountering dis-incarnated people, strange playmates, and awakening not in his bedroom or house. There was no way of proving these odd encounters he was having, so he asked for them to become more tangible, to be even more physical.

At the age of 18 his experiences became even more physical, & resulted in four separate encounters that totaled about 18 hours of missing time. The combined experiences of missing time, conscious encounters, & past life memories; lead him to do a vast amount of research in attempt to verify & explain the experiences. He’s physically been on several different craft, & has seen several different types of beings, much of which he is able to describe in detail. He has studied, researched, & practiced several aspects of the spiritual, metaphysical, & paranormal phenomenons.

Barry has degrees in Psychology, Sociology, & Ethnic Studies from Wichita State University. For the last two decades he’s been involved in administration for “At Risk Youth”, including Cognitive Behavioral Modification, & managing aggressive behavior. He’s also an Options Stock Trader.

In late 2010 Barry was involved in a near terminal car accident, in which he received 4 Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injuries and had an NDE on the way to the hospital. It is chiefly because of that accident, that he is now speaking out about Contact Experiences.

Tonight we are going to cover the life of Barry…from first contact through to the present day…

Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIKXRLQqZXdEFMQELeczYQ


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Jason Quitt On Fade To Black July 6th

Jason Quitt On Fade To Black

No More Fake News

July 6th 2017

ECETI Ranch / Recap – Open Lines


Jason would be considered a life long experiencer who has interacted with the multidimensional worlds.

Since an early age Jason has been awakened to things that are outside the normal range of perception of just the physical world. He has had many out of body experiences and has encountered ghosts, aliens and other dimensional beings. He has been taken on out of body time travel journeys and has remembered many of his past lives.

Jason has been studying various modalities and spiritual practices with teachers from around the world. He graduated from the Institute of Energy Wellness in 2005 and began working with ancient healing techniques and became a student of Algonquin Shamanism. From his out of body experiences Jason has received information on numerous energetic systems of healing and spiritual development. He published these methods in his book “Egyptian Postures of Power – Ancient Qigong System” and “The Yosef Codes – Sacred Geometry Mandalas of Meditation”.

In 2015, Jason started to work on publishing his story and information with the late Bob Mitchell. “Forbidden Knowledge – Revelations of a Multidimensional Time Traveler” was released March 2016, and almost instantly went international being translated into French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Jason was also one of the guest personalities featured in the 2015 UFO documentary “The Resonance”. Jason has also worked as the creative director for Tesla Magazine from 2014-15.

Tonight we are going to cover spiritual practices, contact, Disclosure, Time-travel and the current state of our ‘world’.

Website: http://thecrystalsun.com/

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