Attention Fade to Black Listeners…

Did you know that when you're on the road with limited data or wifi available you can still listen to every minute of Fade to Black by calling (605) 562-4482???

No smartphone, app or internet needed.. Saves your data plan and no extra cost if you have unlimited minutes. Call (605) 562-4482 to listen to me Jimmy Church - on any phone, anytime - anywhere.

Our listeners can listen to the show on a clean clear unregulated phone line connection from an independent nation that wants the truth to get out there.

Listen live or to the next day replay. You don’t need a smartphone, app or internet.

Here is the number (605) 562-4482. Saves your data if you have data, seamless on hands free for in-car listening and no extra cost if you have unlimited minutes.

Just dial (605) 562-4482.
Or click on an phone number on this page to have your smart phone automatically dial

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