Christina Contini On Fade To Black June 18th

Christina Contini On Fade To Black

June 18th 2018


Intuitive Energy: The Total Concept

Christina Contini had a massive heart attack that left her without hope of recovery. The doctors informed her family that she would live the remainder of her life in a vegetative state. The medical professionals are still baffled as to how Christine not only defied death, but came back to full consciousness and was able to work her own way back to her divine health. Through her own pursuit of studies, she also completely freed herself from multiple sclerosis.

Christine was raised Catholic and had no previous knowledge of the esoteric world. However, during the heart attack, Christine had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) which gave her access to the understanding of how energy works.

Christine is a healer, a speaker, a teacher, and the author of Death: Awakening to Life (the first of three books) in which she shares her amazing story and the knowledge she received after returning from beyond the veil.
Some of Christine’s specialties include Emotional Repair, Pain Release, Surgery Support and Subconscious Sublimation. Her primary methods are working with the Etheric Template, Electromagnetic Field, and Clear Channel Wellness with body, mind, brain, and spirit connections. Her talents include Communication (channel, medium, intuitive), Psychometry, Chakra and Energy Reading and Balancing.


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Chris Medina On Fade To Black June 19th

Chris Medina On Fade To Black

June 19th 2018


Psychic Medium / Open Lines


Chris Medina is a natural born Psychic-Medium with Native American ancestry (Apache) born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. His earliest memory of having this 2nd sight was when he was about 3-4 years of age. Friends and family would come around and he would hear and see things about a certain person or persons that were so specific, telling them this information often came as a shock. Being so young, he could not understand why everyone else didn’t know or see the same things that he did.

The realization of what he could do made him understand how very different he was from most of the people that he encountered. It became apparent that he was seeing more than just faces and clothes on people. As he got older, his senses became stronger and the encounters were not always pleasant. He began to see energies, as well as the ability to hear certain things.

Tonight we are going to take your phone calls… so you can ask Chris ONE question… and get your answer!


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DisclosureFest Special Event On Fade To Black June 20th

DisclosureFest Special Event On Fade To Black

June 20th 2018


The Mass Meditation Initiative


DisclosureFest 2018 will take place this Saturday, June 23rd at the Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown LA, California.

The park is over 35 acres and this year’s event will have two huge outdoor stages, a film fesitval, over 100 conscious brands, 40 healing tents, 20 vegan food trucks, 45 speakers and workshops, a Starseed childrens area, 18 live musical performances, a sound healing dome, an art walk and one of the largest mass-meditations in the world… and tickets are totally free!

Tonight on FADE to BLACK our guest is Adrian Vallera, co-founder of the DisclosureFest… and our guests are David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith… who are all featured presenters at this year’s festival… other speakers include Nassim Haramein, David Wolfe, Zarathustra and Clifford Mahooty.



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Fader Night – No More Fake News – June 21st

Fader Night

No More Fake News

June 21st 2018



It’s Fadernight!

YOUR calls, YOUR thoughts, YOUR voice.

All that…


No More Fake News with Jon Rappoport.

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