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  1. 18th February 2015 | Robert Noel Jr says:
    It's gonna be one hell of a weekend of fun and learning !!!!!!!!
  2. 19th February 2015 | Beth De Lap says:
    Please enter my name in your Contact in the Desert contest. These are my people!
  3. 20th February 2015 | MC-rider says:
    Is it possible to have a "contact in the megalopolis" (between NYC and DC) for all of us on the East Coast?.....Just bring all these great folks with you Jimmy on a Fade to Black tour bus!
  4. 24th February 2015 | UltraViolet says:
    ~~~~ LIVE-STREAM THE CONFERENCE ~~~~ We have great technology now, and it's VERY important to "main-stream" this information so that everyone who wants to attend to has the option to attend. Support DISCLOSURE with positive action. :-) PLEASE OFFER LIVE-STREAMING. Thanks you. ~ UV
  5. 7th March 2015 | tammy says:
  6. 27th February 2017 | Kathy says:
    I can't seem to find the link for contact in the desert contest for 2017. Is it already closed for this year?

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