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Game Changer Network and Global Radio Alliance announce the syndication of FADE to BLACK w/Jimmy Church on KGRA,starting Monday, March 9 of 2015. FADE to BLACK broadcasts Monday-Thursday, from 7-10pm PST LIVE and is now the anchor show on KGRA. The broadcast times remain the same.

"The entire station is buzzing with excitement to have the opportunity to work along side with Jimmy Church and the Fade to Black team. Jimmy is a huge force in Alternative Talk Radio, working hard to set a professional standard in a movement that desperately needs it. Like KGRA, Jimmy knows what it takes to deliver top quality broadcasts whilst keeping things serious but entertaining. As a radio station owner, it is my job to know what is going on in the business; Jimmy Church has been under my radar for over a year, and now our patience paid off in a big way.  As Fade to Black docks with syndication to KGRA-db mother ship on Monday night, March 9, 2015 our listeners will enjoy 3 hours of Live Alternative Talk from the King of the Fadernauts, taking Digital Talk Radio to the next level!  As I said to Jimmy and his team, “It’s the world or nothing!"

Race Hobbs
Owner/Producer KGRA Digital Broadcasting Station

"I'm so excited about our syndication with KGRA and our new relationship with everyone over at the Global Radio Alliance.  We've had our eye on KGRA for a very long time...they set the bar very high on both professionalism and broadcast quality which are the very foundation of Game Changer Network and FADE to BLACK.  It makes perfect sense for us to play in the same sandbox...and when the opportunity presented itself for us to possibly work together we rolled up the sleeves and got it done."

Jimmy Church
Host of FADE to BLACK

For more information, press only:

KGRA Race Hobbs [email protected]

GCRN Rita Kumuryan [email protected]


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