Mark McCandlish And Shane Seymore On Fade To Black October 9th

Mark McCandlish And Shane Seymore

On Fade To Black

October 9th 2017


VCMD: Solving Kinetic Propulsion



Mark McCandlish is an internationally-recognized artist who has specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries for the better part of the last thirty years, serving the needs of many of the top American corporations in this regard.

Shane Seymore was raised in an engineering life from early on in an electrical motor rebuilding/repair business family. Conceptualization, theorizing and application were driven into their beings in an effort to make things work better than originally engineered.

Shane’s father, Darren, engineered and produced a practical and uniformly functional drive system for the automotive industry that PhDs in ME could not produce.

After the passing of his father, Shane resolved the conflicts with the drive, applying advanced science and mathematics to develop what is now called the VCMD.

Gravity gives objects a means of transportation without floating when motion is applied. The VCMD gives objects a means of transportation by providing omni-directional motion both in static and dynamic drive modes through applied science.

Tonight we are going to reveal for the very first time, the VCMD and discuss the technology.


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Anthony Sanchez On Fade To Black October 10th

Anthony Sanchez On Fade To Black

October 10th 2017


Interdimensional Contact



Anthony F. Sanchez is the author of UFO Highway and is the founder of Umbra Research, a group dedicated to understanding the hidden aspects and mystery behind UFO/Alien phenomena, Conspiracies and Paranormal Science.

Anthony and his team of investigators have visited such locations as AREA 51, Dulce NM, China Lake in addition to reported UFO crash retrieval sites; most recently Yosemite CA where he filmed for the Travel Channel’s Season 2 – Mysteries at the National Parks, (episode “UFOs over Yosemite”).

He currently works to bring public awareness of underground facilities, alien human hybrids, greys and UFOs. For his day job, Anthony owns and operates the world’s number one Paranormal Software company for Windows, GHOSTHUNTERAPPS™.

Anthony is a senior level technologist and veteran of Silicon Valley, having received his BSc. in Computer Information Systems from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, UT. He has worked for Intel Corporation, 3Com Corporation, HP, NEC and still develops software for the State of CA through his own consulting firm.

Tonight we are going to cover the inter-dimensional and possible parallel worlds of ET and alien contact.


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John DeSouza On Fade To Black October 11th

John DeSouza On Fade To Black

October 11th 2017




John DeSouza was an FBI Special Agent working Counter-Terrorism and Violent Crimes for over 25 years. He was also an attorney and maintained a Top Secret security clearance during his time in the U.S. government. Known as the X-man, he collected the true life X-FILES that he shares now in his books…THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS and now CLEAR-HEARERS.

Tonight we are going to discuss his career in the FBI, real ET evidence, contact, disclosure and his new book: Clear Hearers.


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Fader Night – No More Fake News – October 12th

Fader Night

No More Fake News

October 12th 2017



It’s Fadernight!

YOUR calls, YOUR thoughts, YOUR voice.

All that…


No More Fake News with Jon Rappoport.

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