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What is Soul Tech: The Gathering

Soul Tech: The Gathering is a collaborative undertaking brought to you by Fade to Black and Modern Masters. Ever since Modern Masters became the first Member of Fade to Black’s Game Changer Network, we’ve been generating ideas to expand the possibilities and opportunities for people entering the paranormal community.

By building projects and events like Soul Tech and the Unity Project, Fade to Black and Modern Masters are working together to create a community of greater unity and synergistic alliances. SoulTech: The Gathering is a Game Changer Network production in partnership with ECETI Ranch.

What is Modern Masters?

For those interested in expanding or embarking on a multi-dimensional journey of self-discovery, Modern Masters provides an innovative virtual space where soul empowerment can be explored in depth. It’s equal parts magickal training, co-creative production, and community building.

For conscious professionals, Modern Masters offers an expert production team, a project management hub, and a safe place to ask for advice on how to help your business succeed.

The goal of Modern Masters is to empower individuals so that they can inject their unique voices and sacred visions into the world. The magical community inside the Modern Masters Meta-Reality Experience provides kinship and support for visionaries everywhere.

Begin your quest at ModernMasters.org!

What is ECETI?

ECETI is a private sanctuary established by James Gilliland near Mt. Adams, Washington. The ECETI Ranch is a sacred space resting on expansive acreage where UFO sightings, Orb phenomena, and C5 contact are not uncommon occurrences.

Visitors often attend retreats in this spectacular setting to experience UFO contact with spiritually and technologically advanced extra and ultra-terrestrial beings. It’s an enchanting refuge where people come to seek answers, hear the voices of ethereal guides, and re-connect to the benevolence found in this type of energetically-charged, natural environment.

To learn more about ECETI visit: www.eceti.org

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