Memberships And Podcasts And Fade To Black Oh My!!!

Memberships And Podcasts And Fade To Black Oh My!!!

Since YouTube decided to be stupid and Jimmy is no longer able to use YouTube as a viable platform, Fadernauts have been writing to me asking about the membership's, the podcast, and how to download archives. Today I'm going to attempt to de-mystify all this, make it a little more clear, and hopefully provide some clear answers. I always try and maintain a half-way decent FAQ page that attempts to answer some common questions about memberships and the website. You can always find that here: So if I don't answer your question here, try there next.

How do I listen to the show?
You have an option of the live show or archives.

Live Show:
The live show will always be free and no membership will ever be needed. There is a Spreaker widget on the home page, and you can also visit Jimmy's Spreaker page. Live shows almost always broadcast Monday through Thursday at 07:00pm PST, 08:00pm MST, and 10:00pm EST. For those of you more Tech savy, there is an Alexa Spreaker app that will allow you to tune into the show through Alexa as well.

At this time archives of the show are available two different ways and both methods require a paid membership of some kind. While this may change in the future, right now this is the only option available.

Of course, your asking, but what about that two dollar podcast Jimmy keeps talking about? I'll get to that in just a second. Let's first talk about the Memberships.

Fadernaut Memberships are available from Free all the way up to a package that gets you a Fadernaut Shirt and Hat. Only the paid memberships will have access to the audio archives on the site. These memberships allow you to show your support for the show and gives you access to premium archives that have been through a post-production process to improve overall quality and remove commercials. All of these archives have been made available for download so you can take them with you. (Refer to faq for issues with Apple products.) The memberships also come with some amazing customer support. (Provided by me *grin*) I always try and make sure the archives are available in two places. An archive page that contains a full list of all the archives, and beneath the post that contains information about that show and guest.
You can buy one of these fadetacunautical memberships (Fadernaut Spectacular?) here:
Just make sure you are logged into your existing account if you just want to upgrade.

Ok, and here it is, the 2.00 membership option. This option is the same one Jimmy has been offering long before we had these AWESOME Fadernaut memberships. This is offered through a third party company called LibSyn. You can find information on how to sign up here:
LibSyn offers you the option of using an App or their website to stream (not download) Fade To Black Episodes. If you have questions about the LibSyn service and if it's compatible, you will need to contact LibSyn for any further information.

If all else fails and you are still having issues. Feel free to e-mail [email protected] Include as much information about the problem as you can in the body of the e-mail message.

I hope this clears things up.
-- Drew The Geek / Membership Support - Webmaster --

Fadernaut 2.5 – A New Website


Drew The Geek here. Welcome to the first website post.  Some of you may have noticed an increase in weird things happeing on the site. I have been working on revamping many of the technologies you’ve been using to access the site and get your regular dose of Fade To Black. The goal is to provide a better streamlined experience,  (fewer clicking to see what you want) faster load times and an enhanced archive area. I have already improved the search engine on the site to provide you with more relavant results.  (Search bar on right next to first guest post)

But wait…


The new archive system (beta test on the members welcome page) will eventually be searchable and will even be able to tell you what episodes you’ve downloaded.  The layout and design of the new site is going to be amazing. Don’t belive me? Well..  I’ll tell you what.. how about if you send me an e-mail letting me know your interested in seeing the new beta site. In fact, what if you were to send me suggestions on what you’d like to see and not see on the new site. [email protected]

Currently, I’m only offering previews of the new site to premium members. So if your interested in taking a peek, drop an e-mail with your username and I’ll get you set up.  Anyone can send me suggestions. Oh, and these blogs, if they continue. Will also only be available to premium members.

Oh, but there’s still more.

Discord has been used for many years by the gaming community. It’s the next best replacement to skype. If your wondering why this is relavent, well, I have my own personal Discord server where I have channels just for supporting Fadernauts. So this means if you are a Discord user you can swing by and text me your issue.  Here is a link to my Discord server. ( You will need a free Discord account )

There is even more coming but I’ll leave those surprises for later.

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